Is your company ready for a dedicated resource for tech?

Is your company ready for a dedicated resource for tech?

There’s no better way to increase your productivity than by outsourcing your tech support to an experienced and highly trained team that’s available 24 hours a day.

As an IT manager, you must be constantly looking for ways to improve your team’s productivity. If that’s the case, then you’ve probably already heard about dedicated teams. But what exactly are they? And why should your company opt for one? In this blog post we will explain what a dedicated team is and how it can help different kinds of businesses grow.

1. Startups and evolving tech businesses

Some companies evolve quickly, and they need a dedicated team to keep up with their growth. If you work at a startup or an evolving tech business, chances are you’ll benefit from having your own IT department because these types of companies often don’t have the resources to hire full-time staff.

2. Projects of SMBs and Mid-Market companies

A dedicated team may be a model for a long-term collaboration between a client and the development team. This can be very beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because they don’t have enough resources to hire more than one employee for IT support, but they still need expert advice in order to make their business grow.

Mid-market companies are also likely to choose this model since they want their business operations to run smoothly without any trouble, which is why they prefer hiring an IT dedicated team that has been working together for several years already.

3. Departments that need additional capacity

If you have a department that’s experiencing a lot of growth and need to bring on more people to help, then an IT dedicated team is probably for you. This could be an engineering department, or one that supports a new product launch.

You may also want an IT dedicated team if your company is growing rapidly and needs to scale up its technology infrastructure quickly—for example, if it’s moving into new offices with bigger rooms and more employees.

4. Companies not ready to hire a large team

If you are not ready to hire a large team of IT specialists, but your business needs high quality software development assistance, the dedicated team model is a good fit for you. We have experience with this type of collaboration and can help you create an effective relationship with your developers.

We recommend the dedicated team approach when:

  •  You need a team to do one specific project that requires expertise in certain technologies. For example, if you are launching an e-commerce website or developing mobile applications and want to work with a team that has experience in those areas; or
  • You don’t have an internal IT department or any employees working full time on IT activities (for example, your company has just started). In this case we’ll provide support from our side at all stages of the project lifecycle: from analysis through design and implementation up until testing and maintenance services.
Globalis Nearshore Dedicated Teams

Dedicated teams are an effective solution for a variety of business needs.

Businesses can benefit from dedicated teams for a variety of reasons. Companies that need additional capacity but do not have the resources to hire a large team may benefit from dedicated teams.

  • Cost effectiveness: an outside team will usually be cheaper than recruiting in-house specialists, especially if they are based in a country with much lower development costs than the US.
  • Predictable and defined budget.
  • Best talent pool: dedicated team suppliers are responsible for finding the most qualified candidates from the global market based on the client’s requirements, rather than using partially compatible internal candidates.
  • Focused approach: all the people involved in the project will concentrate exclusively on it.


Dedicated teams are an effective solution for a variety of business needs. They can help startups and evolving tech businesses get off the ground, serve as project managers for SMBs and mid-market companies, or provide capacity for departments that need additional resources.

At the same time, they can also serve as an affordable way to test out whether your company is ready to hire a full IT team.

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