About Us

Our company provides outsourcing services and technological solutions. We have 10 years of experience in the software development market, and we offer our customers the know-how, transparency and technological innovation. In this process, we use the most advanced, practical and reliable IT tools available.

Our management team has 20 years of combined experience developing software solutions.

Our team at GLOBALIS is committed to be actively involved in each project in which we take part. Our philosophy is to work together with our customers in order to build long-term relationships to help them achieve their business goals. We also provide continuous customer support.


To be a world-wide leader in software solutions and technology.


To be our customer's most valuable business partner. To guarantee that we work with the best attitude towards our software development, technology and innovation. Based on a flexible structure of highly trained staff letting our clients focus on the core of their business.


Professionalism, teamwork, honesty, ethics, innovation, security, and confidentiality with our clients' information are our main values. We are constantly trying to achieve our customer's goals in form, fit and function.