About Us

Globalis is all about creating on-demand software solutions to accelerate and power business transformation.

For +13 years, we have offered nearshore & onshore custom software developments, digital transformation, IoT software development, rapid MVP, as well as team extension.

Actively involved in each project as strategically partners, working together as one team. We offer our entirely knowledge, transparency and technological innovation for the best value for money.

We work in diverse projects in a range of industries delivering tailor-made software solutions for startups, SMBs, and enterprises.

Why Globalis?

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To be a world-wide leader in software solutions and technology.


To be our customer's most valuable business partner. To guarantee that we work with the best attitude towards our software development, technology and innovation. Based on a flexible structure of highly trained staff letting our clients focus on the core of their business.


Professionalism, teamwork, honesty, ethics, innovation, security, and confidentiality with our clients' information are our main values. We are constantly trying to achieve our customer's goals in form, fit and function.

OUR CULTURE Knowledge sharing Established Human Resources processes Team integration Friendly environment Confidentiality Innovation and continuous improvement

"We hired them because of their vast experience in the development process like Scrum, and they had an agile mentality."

Business & Power System Leader, Distrocuyo S.A

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"We found a team who is 100% committed with the work they are doing and open to discuss and help us along the process."


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"We got top-quality talent from the beginning and a complete stewarding of the process in all the phases."

CIO, Insurance Benefits Provider

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