Quality Policy of GLOBALIS S.A.

This is our commitment towards reaching the following goals:


To interpret and satisfy the needs of our customers, suppliers, employees, society and shareholders.


To generate added value to our customers' businesses by using the latest and highest quality technological solutions.


To be constantly in line with our company's Mission, Vision and Values.


We are convinced that in order to offer quality and excellence in our services and software solutions, we have to prioritize the improvement of the internal organization of our company. That is why we are certified in the ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Our strategic quality goals are:


  • To Identify and satisfy the internal and external requirements of our customers.
  • To keep observing our confidentiality agreements and the information provided by our customers.
  • To efficiently manage their claims, taking immediate action to minimize their occurrence.

Continuous Improvement

We try to improve our business performance by setting the following targets:

  • Achieving a greater positioning of our services in the market.
  • Becoming more profitable by constantly adding value to our solutions.
  • Analyzing and dealing with all the risks of each of the business processes.

Products / Services / Projects

  • To ensure the compliance of all the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to each one of them.
  • To efficiently manage the development process and the implementation of the projects.

Human resources

  • To foster the involvement and collaboration within our staff.
  • To raise the awareness about the importance of the role of each person in the organization.
  • To train our staff to develop their skills.


  • Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.

This Quality Policy guides our actions within the framework of a Quality System and continuous improvement.